How, Where and What to donate?

Donating is a wonderful feeling which fulfils your soul. Many children need your help – physically, spiritual and monetary. Bulgarian mothers’ movement accepts all kind of donations which could help us reach our goals.

Everyone who wants could donate!

Giving your time

One of our main activities is the contact with children who long for personal attention and attitude. They have limited contact with the word outside the institution.

If you have spare time you can join us, hug a child, talk to him or play with him, sing him a song, tell him a story, become his mentor. We will be grateful for your help.

If you have specific skills which could help our activities and you have free time we would be happy if you could help us.

Bulgarian mothers’ movement organizes different charity campaigns and we always need support. If you have free time and are willing to help with the organization – come to us.  

Bulgarian mothers’ movement has collected donations which need to be sorted out and packaged. If you have free time we would be happy to have your support. 

Material support/ in kind donations

Everyone willing to donate clothes, toys, food for the institutions we are working with could contact our coordinators. You can find the contacts here. 

In order to facilitate our work, spare time and children to receive adequate support, we ask our donors to consider the following points: 

- The used clothes and shoes should be in adequate condition. Please make sure they are not raggedor dirty. We would be losing time to sort out. If they need small corrections, please make them before donating.  
 - If the clothes, shoes, toys are for different ages, please sort them before donating.
 - All toys, tools and objects are fragile and get dirty. Please revise them before donating.
 - Donating food for the institutions in Bulgaria is subject to certified origin and expiration date. You could buy the products from supermarkets ask for certificate or bring the invoice.


Payroll donation

Since the summer of 2011 Bulgarian mothers’ movement partners with the Bulgarian Charity Aid Foundation for payroll donations in support to the project “SAY” . You can find here more information on how you can support young people without families. 


From its CREATION until the end of 2011the Foundation works without office facilities and donations collection facilities. Due to the expansion of its activities and in order to be able to help more children and youth at risk without parental care, we need office space and space for information center for children and families at risk and storage space.
At present Bulgarian mothers’ movement - Sofia uses one donated parking space for storage. All activities are conducted in the homes of our volunteers or by the mobile team.


Any person or corporate may donate funds to our bank account:

First Investment Bank


IBAN: BG43 FINV 9150 12BG N08H 66

***Every donor can indicate the purpose of the donation in the payment order (details of payment). Every donor has the right to ask for documents and accountability for the donation. 10% from every donation is being used for administrative needs. 

Tax deduction for corporate

Under the provisions of the Law on Corporate Income Tax - Art. 31, para. 1, item 14 for tax purposes are recognized as expenses for a total donation of up to 10 percent of positive accounting financial result (accounting profit) when the cost of donations made ​​in favor of the non-profit organization, registered in the Central Register of non-profit organization forpublic benefit.

Tax deduction for natural persons

Natural persons can bear in mind that UNICEF is on the list of entities pursuant to Article 22 (1) (1), letter "о" of the Natural Persons' Income Tax Act, donations to whom are deducted from the tax base of the person to the amount of 5 %. It has to be taken into account that pursuant to Article 22 (2) of the Natural Persons' Income Tax Act the total amount of the tax break for donations cannot exceed 65 % of the amount of annual tax bases.