Code of conduct




I.              The Bulgarian Mothers’ Movement Foundation has accepted a code of ethics valid for the staff and volunteers of the organization.

1.    Each physical person, member of the team, who have expressed in writing and confirmed by their signature to be part of the organization is obliged:

·        not to use illegally the name, logo, activities, status and ownership of the organization;

·        not to accept or look for financial benefits on their own behalf or on behalf of third parties through their activities in the organization;

·        not to proclaim political, religious, racial and other objectives that are contradictory to the mission and the official stand of the Bulgarian Mothers’ Movement Foundation;

·        not to disclose confidential information or use such information without explicit and written permission by the competent bodies in the Bulgarian Mothers’ Movement Foundation (Managing Board), or the state institutions and bodies;

·        not to take any actions or make statements with the intent to negatively influence or act to the detriment of the operations and name of the Bulgarian Mothers’ Movement Foundation.

II.             All organizations, private and juridical persons, related to the activities of the Bulgarian Mothers’ Movement Foundation (BMM) need to follow the ethical code of people working with children, in accordance with the State Agency for Child Protection (SACP).