Mission, Vision, Objectives


We are the Bulgarian mothers and we strongly believe that the children institutions cannot be real homes for any child.


Vision: A society in which there are no abandoned, neglected and unwanted children.

Mission: Weworkfortherightofeverychildtobelovedandtogrowupinanopenandappropriatefamilyenvironment.


Þ    Speedingupofthesocialreformforthedeinstitutionalizationofthechildreninthecountryandensuringthatthereisafamilyforeverychildthathasbeenleftwithoutparentalcare;

Þ    Improving the way of life of the children that are growing up without parents and the ones growing up in risk families;

Þ    Increasing the parental capacity of parents who have left a child in an institution with the aim to return the child in the family and the improvement of the attitude towards the child;

Þ    Developing of foster care as the only alternative to a family environment access for more than 90% of the children currently living in institutions;


What do we do to achieve our mission and objectives:

Þ    We work towards a change in the normative rules, aiming for the support of child abandonment prevention politics;

Þ    Encouraging the number of qualified personnel in the children’s institutions, especially in the homes for children with medico-social needs and the homes for children with special needs;

Þ    Supporting the parents of children with risk of abandonment;

Þ    Working for the development of quality social services for the children in the region;

Þ    Aiming our efforts at increasing foster care awareness;


We strongly believe that giving love to every child, will turn them into grown ups that give love as well.