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In October 2001a "Futuremothers club”was created in the biggestBulgarianonline platform dir.bg. Women whoare expecting thegreatest event - to become mother, share joys and concernsaboutthe future births. Many of them remain in the onlinespace –they talk, seek advice and supportfrom each other.

Many times when information about distressed child or familyappeared, the forum participants helped voluntarily, donating time and money in the name of good. The idea to organize a charitycampaign in favor of children growing in institutionshas gradually evolved.

In early 2004 the first charity campaigncollected clothes, toys, diapers and food forthechildren in DMSGD in Pernik. The success of the campaign was so large that soon a second one was organized, and more, and more …

Contact with childrenbecame regular, and ideas aboutwhat and how to provide them happy childhood and adequatelife multiplied. Thus arises the need for formal registration.

Foundation "Bulgarian Mothers Movement" is a registered public benefit  non-profit organization (legal registration of 1.02.2005, file 843/2005).

At present the Foundation "Bulgarian Mothers Movement" has conducted dozens of charitycampaignsforthe benefit of children in institutions.

Single and multiple grants were provided to many social institutions in Bulgaria and needful families.

What we did for 6 years ...

1. We formally established the Foundation "Bulgarian Mothers Movement" on 1.02.2005

2. In 2009we licensedthe name and brand "Bulgarian Mothers Movement" whichare now protectedby the Bulgarian legislation. 

3.Since 2009 the Foundation "Bulgarian Mothers Movement" is a member of the National Council for Child Protection to the SACP(http://www.sacp.government.bg/downloads/bg/3/3/Chlenove_sait.doc–ľ) and participates inregular meetingson children's issues.  

4.We made dozens of charity Easter and Christmas bazaars and school activities and raised overBGN 150 000.

5. Our organization has grown to 6 chapters in various cities of Bulgaria - the basic unit in Sofia, Pazardjik, Plovdiv, Ruse, Vidin and Burgas. Our activityincludes regular reports todonors and government administration, receivingand distributionof donations, contacts with institutions at national and regional level, participation in working groupsin the regions, coordinating and organizing charity activities and campaigns.  

6. We participated in several protests:
- October 2007 in relation with the film about the live of children in Mogilino. (http://mogilino.wordpress.com/)
- In January, 2009 “Bulgarian Mothers Movement” took part in the protests in front of the Parliament.  Numerous meetings with government officials, ministers, parliamentarians were held, where we have repeatedly stated our main demands including:

Development of a clear system for reforming, restructuring and closure of DMSGD (on 15 June 2009 a working group on the reform was established with the participation of FBMM), increasing motivation and encouraging DMSGD staff;

            Quick adoption of the new draft of the Family Code which includes a change in the procedures for adoption in order to shorten the stay of the children in institutions. (It was adopted by the 40th National Assembly in June 2009).

Develop a working strategy for foster care and its long-term implementation - campaigns, information, etc. Increasing the payment of professional foster parents.

Appointment of a team of experts inthematernity wards in order to prevent abandonmentof children.Development of a clear strategy forthe reform of DMSGD.

 At the end of 2008 the first stage of the largest project of the Foundation - "Protected home Home TOGETHER "(www.podslon.org) was comleted. The home was opened for its first habitants. The home was constructed in partnership with an Architectural and design agency as a partner in Gurmazovo village, Bojurishte municipality. All funds came from private donations and with the assistance of the Bojurishte Municipality, which provided the ground. 10 young people aged 18-25 years now live in the "Protected Home TOGETHER". They are preparing for the real life by attending professional qualification courses and taking care of the house. The project "Protected Home" TOGETHER" provides 3 months up to 1 year long stay for youth who have left institutions for children because they come of age to be between. As a result of the project "Protected Home" TOGETHER"  "Sheltered Home" TOGETHER between 100 and 400 young people will have the opportunity for decent and adequate life taking care of themselves and their families.


In 2010 we signed a grant agreement part of the EU operational programme component “Development of human resources- Social services for social inclusion” for our project ALONE– social adaptation for young people - www.sam.fdbm.org. The PROJECThas been stopped!

In 2009 and 2010, the funds raised from the Christmas Charity Bazaars were directed forthe first time to theproject of supportto the staff and children in DMSGD "St. Paraskeva. Our objective is to support the children's developmentby appointing onespecialeducator and 3 assistant-educators  to work with children and tohelp the insufficient staff of the institution. As a result, 11 children with disabilities improved their physical and psychological skills, they have made incredible progress in their development-genuine smiles appeared  on their faces. The institution staff can rely on loyal and diligentsupporters, with whom to take care together to forthechildren. 


We have achieved all thistogether with you, dear friends. We will continue to make progress together with you and we will never stop saying a big THANK YOU and respect!

Clearly, we have made an impressive progress considering that we started only6 years ago as small group of enthusiastic mothers who sought to donate their children’sclothes ...

And because we wouldhave never made itwithout your support and trust, please, supportourprojects!