'El Paso' project



The El Paso project is related to hippotherapy activities with the children from Doganovo. It was launched In September 2011. The minimum budget necessary for its flawless completion is 500 BGN per month, including transport, food and supplies for two visits monthly. Become part of the El Paso project with a donation to our account, specifying what the funds should be used for.

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Project Description

Under the project, seven children from the HCWPC (home for children without parental care) in the village of Doganovo will visit the ranch of El Paso twice a month. They will be acquainted with the life of horses, trained in horse-riding and caring for all animals in the ranch. El Paso is located near the village of Kovatchevtsi, Samokov municipality, Sofia district.  http://www.elpaso.bg      

1.    Aims of the project

-       Social adaptation and integration of children without parental care;

-       Incorporating education, encouraging love for nature;

-       Developing skills and habits related to the care of farm animals in their natural environment. Acquiring a profession.

2.    Beneficients

-       Seven children aged from seven to nine years, raised in the HCWPC in the village of Doganovo

3.    Activities

-       Introducing the children to the breeds of animals in the ranch, their raising and the specifics of life in El Paso;

-       Help children create habits connected with adapting to nature and getting to know it;

-       Activities related to the care for and contact with farm animals;

-       Riding lessons, hippotherapy activities;

-       Assisting in the maintenance of the ranch;

-       Up to four hours of activities during a visit, including preparation for horse riding, riding, taking care of the ranch animals, preparing food for the time span of the visit;

-       Tent camps as of the spring of 2012.

4.    Completion period

Start: 21.09.2011. The project extends over a period of one year but will be prolonged.in case there are possibilities for long-term financing.

Project executors

1.    The Bulgarian Mothers’ Movement Foundation

The foundation has been working with the home for children without parental care in the village of Doganovo for six years now and knows well the children and their needs. They have undertaken to raise funds for the realization of the project and provide financing for the transport, riding lessons, food for the children and their companions. Volunteers will be engaged to participate in every visit, in order to assist the project activities.

2.    The El Paso ranch

The ranch workers (owners) will gratuitously provide the place for carrying out the project activities and secure staff that will teach the children how to take care of the animals.

3.    HCWPC (home for children without parental care) in the village of Doganovo, Elin Pelin municipality.